This web site was created so that Q Chord enthusiasts can share information and experiences with each other.
Please email your questions and tell us what is happening with you as you get aquainted with your Q Chord . mail@QChordcentral.com
If you are interested in acquiring a collection of sheet music, consider joining our Q Chord Central Club.
Guitar players could benefit from our generic sheet music that only shows the chords and where they should be played in the lyrics.

Check out the details further down the web page.
I did not invent the Button Sheet Music idea but was given permission to utilize the idea in creating our sheet music by Lenny Zazick of Pops Music the creator and inventor.

The Q Chord by Suzuki is a instruments that is simple, immediate, and fun. Suzuki calls the dark burgundy, pear-shaped Q Chord a "digital songcard guitar," it's more like an electronic Autoharp complete with chord buttons that are laid out in three rows of 12. These trigger major, major 7, minor, minor 7, augmented, and dominant chords in all 12 keys but also have other functions and a strumplate that lets you "strum" the chords. The "neck" has 36 rubber chord buttons. The strumplate spans four octaves and is played by stroking with the tip of the fingers. You can tap as well. Demo You Tube The front panel presents a 5-inch speaker with bass porting, a volume dial, and numerous plastic buttons for selecting modes of operation. The pitch-bend wheel is located on the upper right side of the instrument.

The inclusion of MIDI makes it expand possibilities. The Q Chord is a nice song writing tool.
If you like to sing, wooh! what fun you can have. I like to play along with YouTube.com.
With the capability of the Q Chord to go up or down several octaves, you can get the sound to work well with any entertainer.
On the side of the unit are MIDI In and Out ports, a 11/44-inch audio output that doubles as a headphone jack. When my husband is watching his favorite show on the TV, I can play to my hearts content without intruding.
A Q-card cartridge port at the end of the neck allows you to play along with popular song sequences and rhythm patterns.
Underneath is a compartment for eight C cell batteries.
Among the numerous optional accessories are an AC adapter, a DC car adapter, a strap, and a case.

Q Chord sections control rhythm, Strumplate voices, effects (vibrato and reverb), Chord mode, EZ Play (for quick auditioning of sounds), and Q-card.

  • Auto Chord provides basic comping
  • Chord mode has six buttons that let you set up your accompaniment
  • Chord Hold sustains the chord
  • Chord Plus adds incidental auto-accompaniment parts
  • Manual Chord triggers a consistent chord without any other audible accompaniment (some accompaniment MIDI data is still sent)
  • Bass Control adds the appropriate patch and bass line. You can use various combinations to create a mix.
    • The Melody Keyboard feature in Chord mode lets you perform single notes with the chord buttons. The notes are identified using a plastic "keyboard" overlay on the lower two rows. In this mode, the top row of buttons provides Transposition (in semitones), Tuning, MIDI Ex (which lets you play the internal voices from an external controller), Octave, and Voice Ex (for selecting additional onboard GM voices). There are ten onboard rhythm-section styles:

      1. Bossanova
      2. Country
      3. Dance
      4. Jazz
      5. New Age
      6. March
      7. Waltz
      8. Ballad
      9. Rock
      10. blues Shuffle

      You can alter the tempo (from approximately 62 to 240 bpm) and control the relative volume of the rhythm track. You can trigger a 4-bar intro or ending and a 1-bar or shorter fill that ends on the downbeat of the next bar regardless of where you start. In addition to its onboard accompaniment features, the Q Chord lets you play along with popular tunes in the form of GM Standard MIDI Files on Suzuki's proprietary Q-cards. There at least nine cartridges and companion books, including Rhythm Styles (30 generic styles, including salsa, reggae, rap, folk, and R&B) and collections of Beatles, pop, country, religious, and children's songs. That's not a bad starting selection for a home sing-along. The strumplate triggers the chord tones using one of ten sounds selected from the front panel:

      1. Guitar
      2. Piano
      3. Strings
      4. Vibes
      5. Organ
      6. Voice
      7. Flute
      8. Harp
      9. Synth
      10. Sound FX
      If these sounds won't do the job for you, you can select from 100 other GM sounds using the Strumplate Select button and the Q Card Control window or MIDI Program Changes. You can also control relative volume and sustain.

      To access over 1200 songs created in button sheet music form especially made
      for the Q Chord with more being added on a regular basis consider joining Q Chord Central Club.

      You will need a user name and password.

      We are celebrating ten years and have reduced our membership fee.
      One week trial period then just a $19.95 Annual fee

      Your user name and password will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

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      Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

      It is a pleasure providing a wide variety of sheet music.
      The demand for more and more songs has made it necessary to create a club to provide immediate access to what is ready to play.
      Simply sign up here and you will be given access to all of our songs as they become available. Your login name and password
      will be emailed to you quickly and before you know it you will be playing your Q Chord with button sheet music created just for your instrument.

      The web site where the songs are located is up and running and waiting for you to sign in.
      Only $19.95 annual fee.
      There are over 1200 songs.
      Suggest songs anytime and expect to receive them in an email.

      Share knowledge and experiences

      Comments from Melody and Chord Collection users and Club members

      • Sharon
        WOW! .......That was fast......Thank You very much!
        Nice club, really worth the money.....
      • Dear Sharon,
        Thanks for all of the Sheet Music for the QChord. I will be sending positive feedback for your listing.
        Many Thanks,
      • I am loving the QChord and the wonderful music you're providing. Thank you again. You make the QChord so much more enjoyable.
      • Fantastic Selection of songs. many thanks for providing this wonderful service.
      • Hi Sharon,
        Hope your New Year has started out fine and continues to be so....Just wanted to say thank you for what you're doing for everyone. I know a lot of people probably thank you too but I feel sometimes the more thanks we get ...the more we feel appreciated...You are awesome. Thank You so much..I just love the "Bummin' Around" song. It's one of my favorites.
        Bye for now.
      • Hi Sharon,
        Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the music.
        I was so glad when I ran across this club. I have had a Q Chord for several years now,
        but I didn't mess with it too much because I didn't have alot a music to play.
        Thanks to you and this club that has changed.
        I was wondering when I request a song is there any fee or how does that work.
        Didn't know, so just thought I would ask.

        Reply: No Marlene, there is no charge for anything once you join our club. It is my pleasure to fill all requests.
        Thanks for joining
        Sharon Marie
      • Dear Sharon-Marie,
        You are very talented. I have just tried them and even with my playing they are great!
        Thank you.
        I would not be enjoying my Q half as much without your help and the group.
        Have a good afternoon,
      • Thank you. Your version of Scarborough Fair is lovely. I just played it.
        I hope the list was not too long! If you enjoy them do have a go.
        If not please don't trouble. Have a good afternoon (or morning!) Helen
      • Dear Sharon, Thank you for The White Cliffs of Dover!
      • Dear Sharon,
        Thank you so much for taking my request for qchord music to "She's Always a Woman to Me."
        That happened a lot faster than I had hoped!
        You are providing a wonderful service! I am so glad I have become a member.
        Thank You,
      • I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing an excellent service for all of us Omnichord and Q-Chord players.
        I've requested several songs already and hope to request more in the future.
        I wish there were more services like yours around.
        Thank you again for your dedication to the Q-Chord Central Club membership!
        I know it will keep growing.
      • I just was signing your guest book and it just said how much I appreciate your work and what a great value
        it is to me and so many others and what a wonderful thing you have done for us and what a great value you and your work
        is to me, as you make it possible for me and many others to play the q chord and my son who has cerebral palsy it is
        a blessing to us so I just can't thank you enough.
      • I found you at QChord Central and I'm thrilled!
        Just printed out "Deep Purple." Since I am 84 years old, it was a favorite in my teens.
        You have expanded my life appreciably.
        Thank you!
      • Well just want to let you know I used your members area last night after church and I just have to say it worked just great and has all the music you could ever want to play.
        I love the way is set up and the music is so wonderful with a great number of choices for anyone to pick from. I was a little hesitant at first but now I have it, it's the greatest to get sheet music off of and it makes it so easy for you to play your Q Chord or Ominichord. I just love the way its so easy to download. All I could ever want and I donít think I will be asking for any special songs anytime soon as their is so much to choose from.
        Thank you, Sharon, for all the work you have done to make this possible for us non note readers out here or for anyone that even reads notes its the greatest I have ever seen.
        Yours truly
        Rev RM
      • Thanks for the great "doo wop" Edition.
      • good product, excellent price, will definitely purchase more
      • Fast and prompt service RECOMMEND 5 *****
      • This book is so cute, perfect for my classroom.
      • Dear Sharon,
        Thanks so very much! I got it, and I can't wait to learn how to play these songs with my loving QChord.
        Thanks so very much.
      • Thank you for the song. I really enjoy my Q Chord now that I've discovered your music!
      • Great song, I love your surprise gifts.
        Take care,
      • Thanks again, I will probably order your other songbooks next week.
        I really appreciate the way you promptly fixed the problem.
        I will leave very positive feedback.
      • Wow! These are great!
      • Thanks Sharon Marie!!!
        I really appreciate the range of songs and the time it took to do these.
        God bless!!
      • Hi Sharon Marie,
        What a surprise. Thank you so much for Take Me Home Country Roads.
        When I made the suggestion, I had no idea that I would receive a copy. This was a great surprise.
        Thanks again,
      • Thanks. I just recently got my Omnichord an went to Google to find the sheet music, then EbAY. I love songs I have bought from you, keep up the great work.
      • I downloaded the Editions just fine and can't wait to get started.
      • My uncle received his package today - looks forward to new music to play!
      • Great product - quick shipping
      • I LOVE how you have laid it all out....thanks.
        I actually have alot of music that I would like put in the Q-chord format. I'm certain you'll be hearing from me from time to time.
      • What a fabulous way to play. I am having so much fun.
      Play with ease with sheet music specially created with the Q Chord and Omnichord in mind.
      Editions available with membership.

      If you want a song as an example and haven't joined our club yet, please send your request via Email to Mail@qchordcentral.com I am happy to send you an example of our sheet music.

      Q Chord playing is good for most anyone and it is easy to learn to play.

      Some Tips
      Some of the songs are a nice strum to sing along.
      Others when played are the actual melody.
      The ovals represent the buttons on the omni chord
      or Q Chord. The dark ovals indicate which buttons should be pressed.

      C# = Db
      D# = Eb
      G# = Ab
      A# = Bb
      C#m therefore = Dbm

      Remember to take advantage of your instrument's capability
      to go up or down in pitch. Press the Melody Keyboard button.
      The melody LED will light up. Numbers will display in the
      instruments LCD. Press the Ab Major button for each
      half step you want to go higher. Press the Db Major button
      for each half step you want to go lower. 6 half steps up or 5 half
      steps down is possible.
      You must turn off the Melody LED by pressing the Melody button.
      Refer to your user guide about altering the perfect pitch of your
      instrument. This can be done with the F button or Bb button.

      The chart indicating the voices matches my Q Chord.
      You may have different results from your Q Chord.

      View our "Privacy Statement" put in place for your security!
      Not afiliated with Suzuki

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